The full-size shields are constructed by hand, using (2x)plywood with a fabric covering painted over with multilayered white, and also feature leather arm padding and adjustable strapping. Unless requested otherwise, I typically apply  up to 3 coats of poly to finished shields, to help preserve the artwork.

The leather is attached using copper riveting. I do not bind or edge my shields currently Concerning SCA rules about an edging, there are some regional Arms Marshalls  who are fine with a fabric covered, treated edge: others require an edging such as rawhide, leather etc 

The wee shields are similar in most respects, except a single straight sheet of thicker plywood base is typically used, and leather strapping is of a simpler, non-adjustable design. From time to time, I might have a curved version available. Due to the nature of lively and rambunctious little ones, your mileage may vary, as regards the longevity of the wee shield.
My shields are not mass produced, and therefore will likely not be free from some imperfections, e.g. they might not be accurate to CNC specs.
I believe this lends itself to the shield possessing a somewhat personal, down to earth quality. 

I strive to craft these shields to be pleasing to the eye, and able to be utilized as weapons of (simulated)war, though they are not made of metal, and as such,  the amount of ‘wear and tear’ your shield will endure, will certainly vary from person to person, and use to use. 

Also, I occasionally am asked if left-handed shields are possible, and the short answer to that is, ‘absolutely!’